Our Mission


— Youth Empowerment

Our purpose is to encourage and inspire BIPOC youth to take part in social/creative action in their communities by providing them with hands-on paid opportunities to beautify these spaces through their artistic expression. We believe youth voices are essential in the conversation about change for our future, because they bring authentic ideas and opinions to discussions that will effect them and future generations.


— Community Engagement

Our mission as a collective is to directly impact those involved with the planning and creation of our projects, with the anticipation of profound engagement for all those who see it. Our projects will directly benefit the community as they provide paid opportunities for BIPOC, add character and beauty to our communities, empower individuals, and offer stories of empowerment and support that needs to be told and remembered. When done consciously and collectively, public art has the power to promote a counter-narrative. In this case, our artwork is aimed towards countering stereotypes and societal prejudices by showing the beauty and strength of Blackness, and empowering communities that have been historically disempowered.


— Social Justice

The goal is to give voice to all those who have been historically silenced, and create a permanent and lasting reminder that Black Lives Matter. Our art is meant to rectify this gap by commemorating and empowering Black and Brown identities, involving and empowering our youth, providing educational opportunities to all those involved and witnesses, while sparking much needed and thoughtful conversation. In addition, we hope to beautify and add vibrancy and color to our streets in the process.