Who We Are

We, the Youth Empowerment Arts Collective (YEA Collective) are a group of folks who joined together during a time of social and economic hardship inspired by the resurgence of media attention surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Our members are passionate about social justice, community engagement, and youth activism. We strive to create paid opportunities for BIPOC youth in hope to engage them in other forms of self-expression including public arts. Our projects rely heavily on community engagement and support.

What We Do

Youth Empowerment

We strongly believe that youth a key part to the answer of our future. Collaborating with youth encourages them to engage in current events and brings important and new voices into conversations. 

Building Community

Our art projects are run by and for the community. While beautifying the space, they are create paid  opportunities for BIPOC folks, collaborative workshops and visibility within communities. We thank our community for supporting us on this journey. 

Social Justice

The goal is to give voice to all those who have been historically silenced, and create a permanent and lasting reminder that Black Lives Matter. We hope our art inspires change, community action and engagement with the arts.

OUR Partners